Thursday, 30 August 2007

The Curse Of The 13th

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I am a very superstitious person, and back when it was announced that David would be introduced to the LA Galaxy on Friday 13th July, I said it was not a good sign.

Unfortunately, this now appears to be true.

- His ankle problem prevented him from making his competitive debut until 9th August against DC United, were he came on as a substitute in the second half as his team again lost 1-0.

- Not being able to join in full training sessions.

- Fans booing him at stadiums.

- Beckham's involvement in bust-up during LA Galaxy's 3-0 defeat by Chivas and now his sprained ankle which could see him out for 6 weeks, in which he will miss 2 of England's biggest games.

As Janie said. "I hate to say I told you so". This move has been a disaster from the beginning and this all could have been avoided if they had just let him get 100% and think of the player rather than the money he generates. I believe that in shirts sales alone David has already nearly paid back the Galaxy so why don't they let him rest?

David Beckham told reporters after yesterday's game, "I'm going to have a scan tomorrow and we'll see the full extent of what it is and how long I'll be out, but at this stage, it's hard to tell, but it doesn't feel good.... With a ligament strain, it's 4-to-6 weeks. We'll have to wait and see... If it is four to six, I won't be flying to England."

He also said, referring to the left ankle injury he was already carrying when he began the game, "I went into the tackle a little light because of my ankle and tried to compensate for that. I'd have been better off not doing it at all... It's just gone from one thing to another thing. Maybe it's time for me to just say, `I need the rest,' and get it right and don't come back until it's right."

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emma said...

I feel so bad for him that he won't be able to play for England. As much as I hate the England national team, I really want him to complete his goal and become a hero... However, if he's not playing, I couldn't care less if they qualified. XD Go Portugal!!!

Fashion Critic said...

LOL....I used to love Portugal for Figo

SCOTT E said...

Now, I love this blog more then almost any site I visit on a daily basis, but im objecting to this post, big time. #1 David has his own personal physio there and he is just as responsible as Galaxy is for the decision to play. To say he has been pushed too hard in untrue and inaccurate. "they" didnt keep him from getting 100%. Also, it has nothing to do with money, he is only gettin g paid 6.5 million a year by Galaxy everything else is coming from endorsements and revenew its not like he is costing them a fortune And in regards to the comment about selling shrits...David gets 50% of all jersey sales, so its not like the Galaxy are some tyrant and David is a victim. Sure it sucks he is going to miss playing for one wants to see that, because we want him to get 100 caps.

I offer you this opinio tho...instead of blaming Galaxy for everything.

1. Steve McClaren is a tool.
2. He is using David Beckham to spare his own reputation.
3. HE could be the one to let David rest, rather then Galaxy. Galaxy are actually the ones paying him...not england. I understand the importance of the games coming up, but i still maintain that calling him up for the FRIENDLY against Germany is truly where this all began, thats when his body began breaking down, after it had started getting back to full strength.

I understand the 100 caps argument, but McClaren could have waited til it was a truly neccessary game before the call-up....its not like he would all of the sudden become a bad player if McClaren didnt get him right away!

So while everyone else blames the Galaxy, I blame McClaren....he is selfish and is hiding behind david, so that he doesnt have to answer for Englands poor performance under his lead.

emma said...

Go Figo! lol. You should have seen me during/after the Germany match last year when it struck me that Figo and Pauleta would be playing their last game for Portugal (plus they lost)... I couldn't see the T.V. screen I was crying so hard! But Figo is such a cool guy and has great free kicks and nice hair, lol. My favorite Serie A team is Inter because of him.

Fashion Critic said...

Hey Scott E, You know I respect you 100% and you are right David must take some of the responsibility, but the pressure he MUST have been under would have come from Galaxy whether it was Yallop or Lalas.

The Galaxy 23 shirt is the HIGHEST selling shirt in America...that is a fact. Beckham's jersey is outselling both Baseball and American football jersey's...who would have ever predicted that? So he HAS nearly or already paid them back in that way so for Lalas to KEEP going on about how Galaxy "Need to get their moneys worth" is just disgusting.

McClaren is also at fault, yes, and he is the biggest tool known to mankind, but the problems started way before he was recalled to the England squad. The problem started when he played against Chelsea in a "friendly". A match of no significance other than generating money and not embarrassing the Galaxy who has been promoting this game "The Beckham" game.

Galaxy have been selling tickets at the home depot as "Beckham packages" which forces people to buy 3 or more tickets together at a higher rate and then when he does not play, it is no wonder he gets booed because people have paid over the odds to see him and he does not play.

For me GALAXY are to blame. They are all about the money and do not know how to handle a player of his stature. There is no way Wenger, Ferguson, Mourinho or Rijkaard would have played an injured player.

This is a wake up call for all of them.

Beckham, Galaxy and McClaren. I just hope they are realising it

SCOTT E said...

Just for the record the game against Chelsea wasnt a was consdered part of "The World series of football".

I agree with you about Lalas, I hate how he rfers to beckham as a "product", but the point i was trying to make is that regardless of where the pressure is coming from, David has his own Physio who has final if they truly objected to playing because of health...then he could of. And besides, he faced equal pressure from you know, once you are called up , you are obligated to play, therefore, thats indirect pressure of an expectation to play.

They are all at fault, and now since no one could just figure out a way to share the greatest player in the world...he is hurt, and no one gets him.

It reminds me of children fighting over a toy...then it breaks, and no one gets to play with it.

so in 6 weeks time maybe Galaxy and Country can grown up.

He has caps to get, and salary to they better figure out a compromise or this will be a reoccuring cycle.

By the way, it looks as if Yallop is being forced out as Galaxy's coach...he seemed to indicate it somewhat last night in his presser, and that was being reported on Fox Soccer Report tonight as well.....I think yallop isnt the problem...lalas is the one who is running the sbhow, but i just thot ud appreciate the info

brit said...

hes a hard worker and i think it will pay off in time, this is deffinatly a bad start but he has only been there for about a month and i think that once he is fit he will be ready to show why hes such a respected player. i think just because he has bad press people start to belive what they read about him, but he will come bk with avengence like he always does.

emma said...

Yea what I learned from Fox Soccer Report was that Klinsmann was linked to the job!!! That would be so fantastic. He lives 20 minutes away from the stadium! However, I'm not getting my hopes up as we all know what happened when Jurgen got linked with our national team...

It is obviously BOTH England and the Galaxy's fault David is hurt. McClaren wants to be villain turned hero by calling him back, while Yallop and Lalas are not forcing him to play, but pressuring him. I have a feeling that Yallop is wanting to save his own ass by playing David, as well as McClaren, hoping for some miracle that can keep them their jobs. However, If David really felt that hurt, he could just stand up to Yallop... Yallop has no chance against David Beckham. Sad, but true that the manager has less power than the player. Everyone involed takes the blame. Not just one party. Including Mr. Beckham himself.

Hopefully they've all learned their lesson. David seems to.

Janie said...

I love the reference about "fighting over a toy". Very apt Scott. However looking at what everyone has said I see love for David stops us all looking at the biggest culpret in his own problems. David. If he wasn't so obsessed with his love of the game he might have had time for a bit of commen sense. I hope he gets well soon. Listen to your body David it is trying to tell you something!