Sunday, 12 August 2007

Another Injury Blow For David Beckham

David Beckham may miss Galaxy's match against New England Revolution on today.

Reader Scott E will be going to the game tonight so hopefully David will be playing so we can get some pitch side reporting.

It has been reported that David aggravated the ankle injury that has been plaguing him recently and is not confident about his fitness.

"I'm not sure about my ankle. It flared up again after the DC United game,"
he said.

Beckham had originally said that he hoped to play a half of the New England game and a full match against New York Red Bulls on 18 August but now looks likely to revert to a place on the bench against the Revolution, who have sold all 32,000 tickets for the match.

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Cee said...

Im getting tired of this ankle injury. He should just wait and let his ankle get better cause he could make it worser than it already is. It was exciting watching him verse the DC game but he should worry more about his ankle and i know he is but ... leave the games for pause.

Janie said...

OMG this is like a really bad joke now. I feel so sorry for him he's gonna end up being hated by the people he most wants to impress, his new U.S. fans. Poor poor David.

Fashion Critic said...

I totally agree. He should wait until he is fully recovered as all he is doing is putting back his ability to play a full game and be back to full health.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Unfortunately, with an ankle injury like that, David is the only one who knows what he can tolerate on the pitch.

And being the gamer he is, he probably is letting his competitiveness get in the way of rational thinking.

Especially when the England coach was at the game...Becks would have been on crutches out there with McClaren watching.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to the Giants Stadium game on August 18th and as much as I know that he shouldnt play... I really want him to. I didn't buy these tickets for anyone else... just to see him. And this is going to be my 2nd time missing him :-(

SCOTT E said...

just to clarify i am going wo the game on wenesday....8/15.....sorry if there was confusion. I will be doing the article then!! Today i was at Chateau Marmont waiting to see if they came for dinner once David returned hoem for victoria.