Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Tatt's Not Fair

Victoria Beckham is said to be annoyed that the Spice Girls promotional shot released to commemorate the event has had her tattoo dedicated to husband airbrushed out, and even worse Mel B's had been left untouched.

The symbol, which translates as "I am beloved and my beloved is mine", she got as a sign of devotion to David.

She was not happy her tattoo, which she loves to bits, appeared to have been completely airbrushed out and made it clear that she felt erasing it was a total liberty.

I would be equally annoyed. Mel's tattoo is really in your face as Victoria's is subtle, so why the airbrushing?



Cee said...

Wow that's pretty messed up, and for the fact that mel b gets to keep hers is unfair. First off i think if one person gets to show her tattoo then it should be equally fair to let victoria show her tattoo too. Her tattoo is more gorgeous than mel b's anyway and her's has more meaning to it.. unless mel b's has a meaning too , but i cant tell, what is it... a peacock?

Posh 2.0 said...

Wow I didn't even notice that Victoria's tattoo was gone. But what's funny is that I remember seeing Mel B's. That's messed up though for that to be done to Victoria.

Janie said...

I think it may be the camera angle obscuring the view.I might not be airbrushed out. She does have prominant neck/spinal bones and it was just the tabloids/ magazine article after all so we don't know that she said anything / complained about it anyway. They always say "a source" which means jack s**t. Also i don't understand the logic. Take one Tattoo , take em all. Just media B.S. as usual.

Adrad said...

Is it just me or does the one in front (sorry, dont know her name!) look like a blond Katie Holmes?

Anonymous said...

Hey Adrad that blonde happens to be Emma Bunton aka "Baby Spice".

Diana said...

I am not quite sure of the significance of Mel B's tattoo, though I suppose it is of a great one if it was purposely left in this photo. The spiritual denotation of Posh's tattoo in a sense justifies it being visible. I don't see such justification in that of Mel B. I hope there is a proper explanation as to why this may have happened.