Sunday, 26 August 2007

Bank It Like Beckham

Maybe this is why Jesse Marschhe of Chivas kicked David Beckham.

According to the source, Jesse only makes $109,375 a year compared to David's $6,500,000 a year. David earns more than Jesse's yearly pay in one day.



emma said...

Nate Jaqua doesn't even play for the Galaxy anymore!?!

but seriously, this should never have been realeased. How unfair is it towards guys at the bottom like Kyle Veris to have to know that the world knows what he is making.

stephanie said...

I totally agree with you Emma, there should be some kind of disclosure on what people earn. Just imagine other people looking at this, David can actually afford to pay everyone salary on that list and still have some change left. But i guess this just supports the saying that you're paid what they think you're worth

Anonymous said...

I so agree...not fair at maybe some of these guy's play for the love of the game..jsut do not get as much money..very bad..making this info public..

Fashion Critic said...

I think it is a good thing in a round about way. If you know what the guy next to you is earning, it gives you a great bargaining tool to increase your wages.

I don't think the players understand that David there is a good thing and he will only generate money for the MLS as a whole, therefore increasing their wages.

emma said...

They all know that David is a good thing for MLS and possibly their wages, but could you imagine walking into the locker room and thinking... "I'm sitting next to the guy that makes only $17,700" I don't know how these guys can survive in and around L.A. with wages that low. Surely they must work a second job??? But how?

I've been asking my dad out of curiousity more than anything else what his salary is since I was 7. He still hasn't told me. These players don't have a say in whether or not they want the world to know how much they make, and I don't think it's fair without consultation for any newspaper or magazine to orginally post these.

Janie said...

You know what if you went up to someone in the street and without provacation kicked them in the stomach you'd be arrested and charged with assault. What does this guy get?