Friday, 17 August 2007

David Beckham Is Included In The England Squad

David Beckham was included in Steve McClaren's England Squad today.

David insists he can play for England on Wednesday and for the Los Angeles Galaxy the following day on a different continent. Yep you read it right.

David is in New York today for tomorrow's Major League Soccer clash with the New York Red Bulls from where he plans to depart for England to join up with Steve McClaren's squad for next week's friendly against Germany at Wembley.

Beckham aims to return to California the day after his Wembley appearance for the MLS derby against Chivas USA, who share the Galaxy's ground.

"For the club it's not a conflict," said the former England captain. "They made me well aware that they would do anything to help me play for my country. Obviously, it is going to be difficult travel-wise. I will go straight to New York if my ankle is fine and I will play some minutes in New York. I fly from New York either Saturday night or Sunday, then meet up with the England team on Monday. We play Wednesday, and I fly back Thursday morning."

Wooo....I am exhausted just reading that. He is going to be exhausted. I hope he listens to his body and does not push himself too hard, especially as he has not fully recovered from his ankle injury.



Janie said...

Yes FC i hope he takes care and looks after himself properly, instead of trying to please everybody. I do worry 'bout the boy.

Fashion Critic said...

Me too.

I know England my take priority in his mind as he wants to reach 100 caps but he could afford to miss the England game as it is only a friendly game and not a qualifier for Euro 2008.

Janie said...

Quite!( but i'm also secretly pleased he's back home with us for a bit . te he.)

emma said...

This friendly game is pointless for him to go back in my opinion. Major players such as Stevie and Roo roo are out anyway. Without those two, 75% the passion in England's play is gone anyway. Beckham doesn't need to waste his energy for a game that doesn't matter. He should be more concerned about getting ready for Euro 2008 qualifiers which do matter.

I think he feels like he needs to go back to play because he doesn't want to decline this one and then not be chosen for the next game... like what's happening to David Bentley. David Bentley should be playing in this game, not David Beckham.

Fashion Critic said...

I agree with half of what you are saying Emma. I don't think Bentley should be in the team. He said he was too tired to play in the Under 21 team when the other players in that team had played the same if not more games than him. He is too full of himself and now he is playing the price.

I don't think anyone would hold it against David had he not played this game. I think the biggest reason for David is reaching that 100 caps. Had he been over 100 I don't think this game would have been as important for him.

emma said...

true, very true. 100 caps is what he wants to achieve but he doesn't need to exert himself over an otherwise meaningless friendly. I just hope he doesn't get hurt again. I want him to achieve his goal, too. Kaka and Ronaldinho asked to be excused from the Copa America on tiredness but no one ever held it against them. I don't know, maybe I am being too protective of David Bentley, but I think him and Aaron Lennon should be named on the senior squad on a regular basis. Even if they only end up being subs.

brit said...

yay i so lv him, but i do agree he should mayb miss it even if im really happy hes coming home just to play, which is so lovely of him. i hpe he takes care of himself. how much jet lag must he be suffering in the past few months?!!? id be dead