Monday, 27 August 2007

No Beckham, No Goals, No Win For The Galaxy

For those who are interest, the Galaxy lost by 3-0 last night and the only good thing about that is Alexi Lalas, the man who took David Beckham to America, is facing the sack after a disastrous start to David's career with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Galaxy's head coach, Frank Yallop's job is also under serious threat following the club's promotion of assistant coach Paul Bravo to Director of Football.

A string of bad results and the Galaxy languishing one place off the bottom of the table has not pleased Galaxy owner Philip Anschutz, who is now having major doubts over Lalas and Yallop.

In other news, David and Victoria sure do love the Chateau Marmont. They were spotted dining there again on Saturday night.

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SCOTT E said...

in case anyone was wondering why they have such a fascination with Marmont its because of its seclusion. There are no paparazi in or around the hotel...even the entrance is underground and private. Its a place where they can go and not be in case everyone was wondering what the big deal is, its the fact that its the ONLY private place in hollywood.

emma said...

I honestly don't know why Yallop is there, frankly. He should be gone. I don't know enough of the job of Lalas to make an opinion yet of him.

hmm.. lol, I think I want to go to Chateau Marmont. :)

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks Scott E. That explains a lot like why Victoria is always there and why you only see them exiting.

emma said...

Scott that makes a lot of sense! I wonder if they go there because of the food is good too. It would suck to have to go to the same restaurant all the time just because you want privacy.

SCOTT E said...

i have eaten there numerous times....the food is amazing. i dont know what kind of prefrences they have, but its definetely one of the best restaraunts in LA in my opinion

brit said...

im quite shocked thats the only private place u can go, especially in Hollywood. Thanx for all the inside info scott e