Monday, 6 August 2007

Smells Like Love

David and Victoria Beckham have launched fragrances in the US.

'Intimately Beckham' follows the success of David's 'Instinct' fragrance.

The couple held the small exclusive launch at Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

"Why is this different from any other celebrity fragrance? The fact that we have spent a lot of time checking all the details," said Victoria to WWD.

"We are not just saying, 'We are celebrities, put our name on it.' I love to be involved with the whole process."

I must say I am very surprised this launch was so hush hush.



emma said...

Yay! I also read the article from the WWD website and it said that it will be in stores such as Kohl's, J.C. Penney, Ulta and Sears starting September.

$25 for 0.5 o.z.
$55 for 2.5 o.z.

I can't wait to get some!

stephanie said...

Wow!!! Show 'em the money people! I guess it was hush hush due to the media scrutiny surrounding David at the moment.