Saturday, 11 August 2007

Victoria Beckham Dodges The Paparazzi To Get A Burger

Since Victoria Beckham arranged to have permit parking on her street, she's able to leave her house without being followed so easily by paparazzi.

She took advantage of her new freedom by taking her kids to one of their favorite places - Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset. It was a low key early dinner - just her, the excited boys, and the bodyguard. A witness said "She was a cute mom and totally casual in jeans - the kids were well behaved and everybody ordered burgers."

Awww this sounds so cute. Although I love seeing photos of her in her next fab outfit, I also love that she can go out and have some alone time with her kids. She is a great mum.

Next time she should take them to Jack In The Box, best burgers in THE WORLD.

Source via Carolina


SCOTT E said...

omg ew, tell me that last part was a joke, jack in the box is DISGUSTING LOL

Fashion Critic said...

No way...I am a deadly serious. I love Jack in the box.

Me and my sister were addicted to them when we were in Santa Monica a few years ago.

brit said...

America does the best burgers in the world, so yummy when i went to florida. i lv seeing victoria in all her gorgeous clothes but i would lv to see her all casual for once just to see what kind of big thing would be made of it.

Anonymous said...

Ohh i love Jack in the box! especially there curly fries. Gosh Victoria is such a good mother.