Thursday, 16 August 2007

Beckham Starts, Beckham Scores, Galaxy Win!!

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Galaxy/England star David Beckham officially lived up to the hype Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

Beckham, making his first start stateside, scored in the 27th minute on a free kick to give the Galaxy a lead they never relinquished. Becks, who was named team captain for the game, also assisted on Galaxy's other goal scored by Landon Donovan in the 2nd half, sealing the win for LA 2-0

Beckham also received a booking in the match, but that didn't take away from the first LA win, in which he participated. Posh and the kids cheered him on from their luxury suite at the Southwest end of the Home Depot Center.

Now that David has started in a game, scored in a game, and won a game the question now is if America has bought into the hype surrounding number 23.

If the coverage on ESPN tonight is any indication, then Id say football is starting to turn the corner in the States, thanks to a "kick" in the rear by Goldenballs.

Words and Pictures by Scott E

Thanks Scott E, great write up. I am so happy you got to see Becks first goal for the Galaxy....Becks is truly Captain Fantastic.

Sorry I took so long to post, my computer is no longer working so I had to borrow a friends laptop.

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brit said...

So proud and happy for him. So funny how thouse people have to eat their words. ha HA. And his first game as well hehe.

Lilflowa!!! said...


Peach said...

So nice to see how happy his teammates were for him. Well done, Becks!

I am going to see him on Saturday in NY, can't wait!!!

Fashion Critic said...

you guys are so lucky.

My next trip to the states is going to be co-ordinated around Becks games.

emma said...

Peach, I'll be there too! Even though I don't have the best seats, lol.

In response to how happy his teammates were for him... Joe Cannon ran pretty much all the way from his goal to the other half of the field join in the celebrations! It's great how they support David and how he supports them.

Janie said...

YES!!!! Get in there my son!

peach said...

Emma, I just talked hubby into stopping off at Radio Shack on the way to buy binoculars with a digital camera attached. I am so psyched to go. Over 60,000 tickets sold now.:)