Monday, 6 August 2007

Suited Becks Takes The Bench

What a farce.

Why is he on the bench? Why is he not watching the game from the stands like most players in suits who are not fit to play? To please the celebrity watchers of course.

Celebrity watchers craned their necks for a glimpse of David Beckham as he arrived on Toronto FC's pitch Sunday, while thousands of boisterous sports fans sneered at the publicity spectacle and taunted him with jeers and signs as he sat on the sidelines.

Those who are interested game was drawn 0-0.

England boss Steve McClaren wants David back for the August 22 friendly with Germany and Euro qualifiers against Israel and Russia in September.

Becks said: "I have to play a few games before I even think about going home to England to play for my country.

My main priority is getting fit and playing for LA Galaxy. Getting on the training pitch is my biggest goal at the moment."



Anonymous said...

Poor David...he's almost like a cow being dragged to the slaughterhouse. Has anyone noticed that it seems like all through David's career there's always some sort of stumbling block/controversy to get over? Well, he might be shy but he is strong so i'm sure he'll get over this one as well.

emma said...

lol, you make it sound as the game was boring. Galaxy were lucky they even came out of there with a point. I'm sure Beckham wasn't too pleased with the performance of his team.

I heard Hugo Boss gave suits to the entire team (the one David is wearing now). I guess it is just another perk of having David Beckham on your team.

brit said...

This is getting flipping ridiculous, this must be so annoying for him. They're doing this all wrong, they should just say have said no hes not playing till his ancles healed in the first place, and not have him on the bench, its just really stupid

liv said...

By way of explanation, it is an American custom that players, even when unable to play, sit with their team. It is done this way in baseball, NFL football, hockey from the pro level to collegiate. It is meant to be a sign of solidarity and support, and nothing to do with celebrity watching. This has been the case for many, many years.