Thursday, 9 August 2007

Can He Kick It? Yes He Can

Here are some encouraging photos of David Beckham kicking a ball yesterday during a light training session.

"The ultimate decision will come down to David," says Yallop. "I'm not going to put him out there to re-injure it. We'll put him out there when he is fit and ready to go. He's getting close. We won't force it. He knows his own body and he'll let us know if he is ready to go."

After training there was a press conference. When asked weather he would play tonight, David said, "Hopefully I will play some part of it. We're not sure yet. We'll see how it reacts today."

On his recovery: "It's always frustrating when you are a sportsman and you can't do what you love doing. It's frustrating because it's an injury that I have had now for almost eight weeks. It's getting better, it's improving every day, but a lot of people and myself want it to be a bit quicker. Obviously it's a natural thing to heal in a natural way and that's what I am trying to do."

On training: "I trained for about 20 minutes, which was good. I still have some discomfort from certain parts of the play and certain parts of running, but overall it's still a frustrating time for myself. It's looking up. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully I get out there playing soon."

On some peoples reaction to his injury: "Obviously there are going to be people that maybe don't understand, but it's a sports injury. I can't really apologize for being injured. It's just a way of life in any sportsman's career. I must say that it's so frustrating for myself to not be out there on the pitch."

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emma said...

Yay, good for him. But if he has only trained for 20 minutes and still has some problems, I think it is better off he not play against DC today. I don't know lets see.

Chanel said...

Your blog title is the CUTEST! I guess it's true that Hip Hop has truly infiltrated the globe!

And yes, I agree... these photos are VERY encouraging indeed.

brit said...

This is encouraging. I cant wait for him to start

SCOTT E said...

In case you all didnt know, because it was night time over there....becks played tonight against DC united and just being on the pitch elevated his team's play

he didnt seem to be affected by the ankle much at all (although im sure he will be sore the next day or 2) and he had some very nice passes from his midfield position which he will be playinbg regularly.

I will be at his game wdnesday.....4th row behind his guessing he sits out sunday's game against new england.

also I made a reservation for Cateua Marmont for sunday night...because thats the night the team returns home and im guesssing he may take Posh there for their reunion dinner haha. Ill be sure to send pictures or anything good i get from either of those events. Cheers!

Fashion Critic said...

Hey Scott. I must have been writing my post about David Beckham as you were writing this post.

I am glad he played but sad that Galaxy lost. Hopefully David can now turn that around.

I would love you to do a write up from the Wednesday match that I could post. That would be awesome to get your views from almost pitch side.

SCOTT E said...

sounds great, id really enjoy that.

i forgot to mention....

by the way I dont know if you watched the game personally or not, but I thought there was a really cool moment worth noting.

When it david was warming up, it started POURING rain, and there was concern by TV announcers and coaches about whether or not to put becks in the game, because the rain seemed like more of a risk to the ankle....well a sideline reporter got to David during his warmup and asked him if he was still gonna play even tho it was raining and david's response was an inspring "just like what i'm used to back home" and then shot the reporter that david beckham smile . it was a neat moment...anyways, if people didnt see the broadcast they might not have known that lil story, so i figured id share it with ya. im off to bed, its 2:30am....

Fashion Critic said...

No I did not watch it as the time difference would not have allowed me to sleep. I did it for the first Chelsea game though.

Please email your write up and I will post it. It would be great to have pics as well if you can. Top star

SCOTT E said...

yeah, ill do pics for sure

im also going to the Galaxy's trainging session on monday...any pics i get ill be sending your way!