Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Victoria Beckham Plumps Up For Ugly Betty Role

According to the Daily Star Victoria Beckham will shock viewers in her upcoming cameo on the US hit show Ugly Betty.

Victoria – who will be playing herself - is set to exchange her trademark lean figure for a fat suit.

She rumoured to be playing an overweight bridesmaid in the show which is due to air later this year.

"Everybody at the wedding will be expecting skinny, beautiful Posh to show up" a show insider revealed to the Daily Star

"But they’ll be horrified to see she’s piled on the pounds because of major comfort-eating and American junk food."

I think would be hilarious if it is true. Victoria would relish a chance to take the pi** out of herself like on her reality TV show.

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brit said...

thats a fantastic idea, i really like it. hope its true. Ugly bettys a big show and to have that and show she dosnt take herself seriously would be gr8, to the people who havnt seen her and just go by what other people say.

Janie said...

Just in case anyone would like to know you can buy a good copy of the moon dress by a company called Rare, they sell online and via Top Shop. They have called the dress Victoria. Mmmm I wonder why? It comes in black, grey and of course Victoria's fav colour, pink.

Cee said...

Omg that would be so awesome!
Anyone know the day the show will air with victoria?