Monday, 13 August 2007

Victoria Beckham Updates Her DVB Style Blog

Hi everybody

Hope you are all well? Well we have finally unpacked our boxes and I am loving our new house - it is totally major! Just adding some of the finishing touches to it actually and then it really will feel like home. On top of that the weather here has been amazing too so we are all a happy bunch. The boys are really looking forward to starting their new school so we've got to make sure they are all kitted out with new schoolbags and pencil cases - you remember what it's like going back to school, you've got to have a new EVERYTHING!

David and myself attended a launch last week in Bel Air (very swish) for the launch of our latest fragrance Intimately Beckham, we met lots of people there and I thought it went really well.

On top of that I have been busy having a good look around LA, checking out the restaurants and the beauty parlours - well you never know when you might need a facial!

I'm also just starting work on my new dVb denim collection - I'm really excited about starting the next project - it's going to be totally major so keep your eyes open for that.

Catch up with you all again very soon





brit said...

lv victoria a ton and i do still lv her attitude, but she needs to stop doing the major thing so much, and try to be all American already saying its going to be 'totally major', its wearing thin on me. sorry!

Cee said...

If you haven't noticed.. she's still learning american language. It's not that easy changing accents. & i don't see the big deal she said major only 2 times in the whole letter, if thats her way of saying it than let it be it's like Paris Hilton saying That's Hott all the time... i'd rather say totally major than that's hott.

brit said...

i get what u saying, but id h8 it if victoira started acting like paris hilton, thats the whole point i dont like the trying to make a word happen bit it just seems fake which victoria isnt, but what might come across.