Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Surf's Up

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The Beckham's and the Ramsay's teamed up for some family fun this weekend in Malibu.

The parents watched as their sons had surfing lessons.

The most amazing thing about this trip is that Victoria is wearing flip flops. I would not think she would even own such a thing. My girl can walk on grass with heels, I am guessing walking on sand was step to far.

The Beckham's have been good friends with Gordon and Tana Ramsey for some time, last week we saw them at the Chivas game with Victoria.

The Ramsay's are thought to be staying with the Beckham's while Gordon films new series of Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares in America.

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Janie said...

When Gorden was filming in Nerja in Spain a couple of years ago My hubby and I were sitting at the resturent on the beach and all we witnessed was him being a total Bast**d to the staff working there. Now I suppose he has a reputation to keep up (swearing, bolshy loud etc) but the way he treated those people was completely out of order. He wasn't filming at the time just him and Tana having a meal. I thought then , what a git he was. He's obviously sooo much nicer to the Beckhams!

brit said...

wow and a baseball hat. shes fab in everything tho.

brit said...

i agree janie i think gorden ramsey is an idiot, his carreer is just based on being a chef who swears alot and is twitchy and nerveous all the time..... what is the point of hima again?

emma said...

I like his show, but I definately agree he curses way too much. I'm starting to remember him more as a potty mouth than a famous chef. I hope he doesn't curse excessively to his kids.

But surfing lessons sounds so much fun. I assume Gordon is much older than David because of all his wrinkles, but apperantly their kids' ages are all around the same.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the parents surfed with the kids?!?! :)

brit said...

id love to see a surfer david, and equally surfer victoria, that would be kl, i dont know how they can resist, looks like so much fun.