Wednesday, 22 August 2007

That Extra 5 Inches

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These pictures are from Tuesday when Victoria Beckham was spotted taking Cruz to a summer day camp in Beverly Hills.

I am so impressed that Victoria manages to carry a small child wearing 5 ins Louboutin heels, while managing to negotiate the troublesome terrain, along with a large designer handbag. Amazing.

Victoria was wearing her favourite low-cut black tank top and super skinny jeans outfit. This looks is fast becoming a uniform for Victoria. I wish she would brighten it up a little.

Victoria once said: "The ideal clothes to seduce a man are simple but sexy, high heels, tight jeans and a tight T-shirt." Check, check, check and check.

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Anonymous said...

She's wearing a Versace Extra large Embroidered Frame Bag for $2,550 via

adrad said...

why is a 2.5 year old boy sucking a pacifier?

emma said...

I really like this outfit, it's so nice and simple. But what happened to her bunions. I thought they were killing her. She must be hiding a lot of pain. I hope she doesn't wear high heels in her house.

Cee said...

Is it me or is she looking more curvier? or is it just the tight jeans lol. She has been wearing the same look for quite a while now wonder whats up with her wardrobe, but it doesn't matter she still looks good in that outfit.

Fashion Critic said...

Yes she is looking very healthy

Janie said...

I was reading the original article to this comment/pic and basically (as usual) they were slagging her off about how she looks saying she's got David why does she dress so sexy, high heels etc and DER! that's why she's STILL got David! I've been married for 22 years now and one of the reasons things are still hot between us is because i never let myself go. I look after my hair and figure, wear make up and heels and sexy (ish) clothes and my Hubby loves it and says he's proud to be out with me. That's her secret. It's mine , and more women should take a leaf outa Vics book!

Anonymous said...

my lil bro used his pacifer or wateva until he was about three :) but she looks nice


Cee said...

@ janie: Lmao i don't think her appearances aren't always what attracts david, she also has a great personality.