Thursday, 23 August 2007

David Beckham Flys Back To LA

David Beckham left London's Heathrow Airport this morning to catch a flight back to Los Angeles.

Now I was under the impression that he was leaving last night as yesterday coach Yallop said yesterday David was to be "traveling all night and turning up at 1 o'clock at LAX". But of course he meant all night LA time and not London time.

If David got the 10am BA flight, he should arrive in LA 1pm as Yallop said. So that would leave 6 hours before kick off.

Now let's calculate this.

- David will land around 1pm, with a police escort he will clear customs and be in a car by 1.30pm.

- He would then travel home, which from any airport would take approximately an hour, so I guess he will arrive home by 2.30pm.

- Players tend to arrive at the stadium 2 hours before kick off to allow pre-match talk, and warm up, so David would need to be at the stadium by 5pm.

- So between 2.30pm and 4pm (allowing an approximately an hour to travel to the stadium), he will have about an hour and a half to say 'Hi' to his family, unpack his bags and get a little shut eye.

I think only Superman can pull this off. I am exhausted just typing that.

Wishing David all the best for tonights game.

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Anonymous said...

He shouldn't play at all today. I hope Yellop will ask him to stay at home,drink tea,get some rest,watch game on TV and go to bad. David is a human like anybody else. OK this is Chivas but they can do the same mestake as with Chelsea. Don't let him play. Don't risk.

Fashion Critic said...

I would prefer him not to play too but he is very determined to play tonight.

SCOTT E said...

Just for the record David's house isnt an hour away from LAX....and I am sure hw wont be at the stadium that early, im sure there is some freedom he has been given to arrive late, nonethelss, youre right, he is like superman if he pulls this off.

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks Scott E...LOL...I was just guesstimating

Cee said...

Lmao i dont think he would unpack all of a sudden, atleast i wouldnt. I think he got enough eye shut in the plane, but then after you come from like a 12 hour sleep you still do get even more sleepier. Hopefully he is well rested and healthy to play.

brit said...

i dont think its anything really to do with lax i think he was determined to come bk and play for his country and then play for his new team. but i dont think he can carry on like this, he must be knackerd with all the jet lag.

Fashion Critic said...

I don't think my irony translate very well.

I was being ironic by saying the needs to unpack his bags.

None of this is what actually will happen. I was just estimating what his day may be like.

SCOTT E said...

Also, I personally dont think McClaren needed to call him up for a friendly anyway.....Davis game tonight is against chivas, its a league game, and actually counts for something....that england game meant nothing! i understand the value of playing for your country, but galaxy is paying him to win games and they shouldnt be the ones who get the short end of the stick

Fashion Critic said...

I totally understand your point, but if you are selected for your country on a FIFA match date unless you withdraw through injury with a medical note you have to play.

Steve McClaren is a national joke. No one wanted him as England manager. He only recalled David back in the side to keep his job and the media focus switched from how crap Steve was to David Beckham is saving England from going out of Euro 2008.

Also do not forget David wants to reach 100 caps for England. Not many players have reached that in their careers and as it is now likely that David will never win a World Cup in his footballing career, this is the next thing he is aiming for. Once he reaches 100 I guarantee you he will not be flying 30,000+ just to play in a friendly games.

Janie said...

Sorry to be so superficial but LOVE his jacket!lol