Saturday, 4 August 2007

Beckham Will Travel To Toronto

After the backlash of David not travelling to Dallas because his ankle had not improved, David WILL travel with the Galaxy for Sunday's match with Toronto FC.

The match will be the Galaxy's first regular-season match with Beckham in the squad, but his actual chances of stepping onto the field appear to be slim to none.

"It'll be tough to put him in the line-up with what he's been doing," Yallop said, citing Beckham's lack of training with the club. "The chances are probably slim, I would think."

When pressed, Yallop said that Beckham would "probably not" play against Toronto.

But at least those Toronto fans will be happy he travelled all that way just to sit on the bench, because after all that is what really matters, forget staying in LA and recuperating. (Said with EXTREME irony).



brit said...

This is really silly, whats the point. im getting kind of fed up with this, hes got and injury and should not play till it heals. Its simple.

brynn said...

This is where I think David's management team is messing up.

Alexi Lalas, GM for The Galaxy has already expressed regret that David played in the Chelsea game. He's the GM for crying out loud. If David should not have played against Chelsea they should not have played him.

Frank Yallop, Coach for The Galaxy initially said that David would not be ready to play until mid-August. And now he is backpedaling on that assessment which makes the injury seem less severe than it is.

If the GM and Coach are not calling the shots on David's athletic career then someone else is.

I suspect members of David's management team (Simon Fuller, I am looking in YOUR direction!) are pushing for David to appear to whet the appetite of a frenzied crowd that THEY whipped into a frenzy.

David's management KNOW what his injury is, but I think they are more concerned with establishing David Beckham as a celebrity in the US rather than as an athlete. If David's ankle is not allowed to heal properly he may not have much of an athletic career left.

If this all goes pear-shaped who is to blame?

The fans? Hardly, that never works.

The choice to play ultimately lies with David and his management team.

If David was still managed by SFX do you think any of this would be an issue?