Wednesday, 22 August 2007

97 Down, 3 More To Go

The only good thing to come out of England's 1-2 defeat to Germany tonight was that David has 3 more games to go to become one of the greats of English football and reach 100 caps.

Only great icons Peter Shilton, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and William Wright have over 100 caps, and David wants this too.

England started off very well in the match, but after Germany scored they never recovered. David looked very tired towards the end of the match, but continued to run and chase the ball. It is a shame he has to travel back to the US with a loss after travelling all that way to play.

Galaxy coach Frank Yallop spoke to USA Today about David playing in the MLS against Chivas on Thursday. "In some capacity, I would think, he would get on the field if he feels OK. He wants to be available and ready to go. Don't be surprised if he's starting; don't be surprised if he gets five minutes."

"He'll be traveling all night and turning up at 1 o'clock at LAX," Yallop said. "If he can get a snooze before he comes to the stadium, that will be good. But I've done that trip a few times when I played for Canada, and it's not easy."

After the game David said, "It was nice to get the minutes. In the last nine weeks I have only played two games and trained three times. The ankle still a bit sore but it was nice to be out there... The way you can travel these days I can sleep whenever I want and for me it's not a problem. It's not affected me yet and I'll carry on playing for my country."

He also said, "I got a knock on my ankle and it has slightly swelled up again but I'm planning on playing tomorrow."

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brit said...

i thought it was so fantastic of him to come bk and even play with his ancle and living in america and everything. hes such a trouper and he did really gr8 to stay throughout the whole game.