Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Shocking News!!!

David Beckham did not make the Top 20 on Esquire's Best Dressed List.

How could this be? David should have been in at least the Top 5.

David took part in light training with his team-mates at the RFK Stadium on Tuesday - the first time he has practised along with the rest of the team since joining the club - but his ankle injury continues to bother him.

DC United have sold out all 45,000 tickets for Thursday's game, which will be nationally televised. Also in the crowd will be England manager Steve McClaren, who is flying in to check on Beckham and to assess for himself the standard of MLS.

David has stated that he will NOT even consider playing for England until he has several games under his belt for Galaxy.

David spent some time with fans after training to take pictures and sign autographs. That evening David took some time out with his team mates at Mortons.

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brit said...

I cant wait for david to come bk and play, it will be a pretty big occasion. i hope his ancle gets mended soon so he can come home for the game.

emma said...

Wow, Freddie Ljungberg is there? He's more known for 'dressing down' than dressing up.

David should have made the top 20 for sure.

emma said...

Oh yea, and McClaren or anyone for that matter can't assess the standard of MLS by watching one game.

At least he'll hopefully get a good atmosphere with the 45,000 there.

Janie said...

I feel so sorry for him he must feel badly for his fans and everyone in his team too. He's had to take so much stick over this. He should try Bowen Technique treatments for his ankle. You can find out about it online I've had it myself after having broken my ankle and then after physio had finished with me I had treatments, made such a difference. Gotta be worth a go eh?

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