Saturday, 4 August 2007

Britney & Victoria - No Drama Here

Regular reader Scott E got the truth behind the Victoria - Britney Chateau Marmont story.

Scott's friend works in the restaurant and he says that Victoria and David got up and left, but Victoria did NOT call Britney a mess. There was clearly a frustration by the Beckham's when Spears was seated next to them. They asked for the bill in a bit of a hurry and that was it.

No drama, that may be boring to some, but that is the truth.

The Chateau Marmont must be a great place because David and Victoria were spotted leaving there again this week.

Source: Aaron via Scott E & Source & Source


stephanie said...

Ahhh, thanks for the clarification...i love how she's looking at David in the second picture.

brit said...

aww thats the picture from her book {see im such a fan} lol. thanx scott e for the inside scoop

AdminVoilalaMode said...

britney sucks! who she thinks she is?
not wanting to sit near victoria?
i think the contraste would have been funny the skank and the godess LOL