Friday, 24 August 2007

Victoria Beckham Wants Another Baby In 2008

Victoria Beckham says she'd like to be a mum again in 2008.

"We'd like to have another - maybe next year," she told the Daily Mirror. "He or she might be lucky enough to have dual nationality."

Victoria and hubby David, have made it no secret that they really want a daughter to complete the family.

And Posh says LA is a brilliant place for youngsters.

"It's so great for us all here. The children love the sports and outdoor activities, David loves his new team, and I'm just really happy to be somewhere where I already have friends."

Also in the interview she talks about their new home and how the kids are settling in.

Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz have their bedrooms full of LA Galaxy gear. "The boys are all choosing decorations for their rooms at the moment," laughs Victoria.

"We let them express themselves pretty much however they want with different murals and things. But they all want David's team strip - especially Brooklyn.

He's obsessed and wants his dad's stuff everywhere."

That is the cutest thing I ever heard, Brooklyn is adorable. He is a fan of Daddy just like any other 8 year old.

You can read the whole interview with the Mirror here.

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Cee said...

Whoaa, if they do make a girl it's going to have some good looks coming from victoria and david lol.