Saturday, 30 June 2007

Friday 13th Introduction For David Beckham

The Los Angeles Galaxy will officially introduce new signing David Beckham on Friday, July 13.

Friday 13th? I am very superstitious and this is NOT a good sign.

After winning the LA Liga title with Real Madrid, David faces a tough time reversing the Galaxy's fortunes.

The club are second from bottom in the six-team Major League Soccer Western Conference. Wow, what a fall from glory. I REALLY don't think they thought this through, what a shame for David to go from a Champion in La Liga to a second from bottom loser in the MLS.

In other news, David's former manager Fabio Capello has been sacked by Real Madrid. There is a view in Spain that he paid the price for pushing David Beckham out the door and frankly I think it serves him right. He should have done all he could to keep David when he had the chance.


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Emma said...

but at least Capello was a man about it and sucked it up to recall him and eventually apologize and say he was wrong. It's better than McClaren. Why sack the first guy to win you a title in 4 years or so? Makes no sense to me. And Calderon wanted David out more than Capello did. I just think it was the wrong choice to sack him.

As for David coming to MLS, I'm very excited to see if he makes the LA Galaxy good. They have been missing Donovan for a long time so getting him back and David coming soon should boost them up quite a bit.