Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Mel B's Arrived

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Ahead of tomorrow's Spice Girl tour announcement. Mel B arrived in London Heathrow from LA with her new boyfriend Stephen Belafonte and 8 year old daughter Phoenix Chi. Wow isn't she big now? I remember her as a cute baby, now she is a little woman.

Two month old Angel Iris Murphy-Brown was finally allowed to travel after her DNA test.

I love how Mel B has not let go of her Scary Spice attire. Everything is leopard print, the bag, the boots, top and the glasses all classic Scary Spice. Makes you feel all nostalgic.

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stephanie said...

The whole leopard thing is too much...i have no idea on the Spice girl era as i'm foreign and the only song i know of theirs is 'Holla'- or rather i think that's what it's called....Anyways i don't really know if this whole reunion tour thing is gonna work because songs people like nowadays are different from the past...but like i said i'm foreign so i'll have to wait and see...i just hope though that Victoria doesn't embark on another solo career because she's not that great of a singer in my opinion

Fashion Critic said...

I think it will work. The Spice Girls were huge and we are all curious to see them perform again.

If it is just for the money I won't work, if they are doing it for genuine reasons like love of the music, I don't see why it should not work.

Can they cut it live is the real issue. Only Mel C has consistently had a singing career since they split and she had the strongest voice to begin with.

bomb.ass.ting said...

what do you mean by 'I'm foreign', where are you from :S You sound really silly when you say that. I lived in India till I turned 9 years old and everyone there knew who the spice girls was...So like unless you're from an undiscovered amazonian tribe I can't see why you wouldn't know about the spice girl era in this globally connected generation. I'm just bothered by your use of the word foreign because with the internet nobody is really 'foreign' anymore, the word is just subjective.