Monday, 25 June 2007

LA Thinks Posh Is Overdressed

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We all love Victoria Beckham because she LOVES to dress up...well I do anyway. So does her good friend Tom Ford who once made her promise never to change her unique style. Karl Lagerfeld said Posh is cool — and that's all she cares about because "he’s the man". But in LA it is a different story as US style insiders are are apparently laughing behind her back.

In order to make a huge impression on her soon to be neighbours Victoria has been constantly changing her wardrobe, sometimes 3 times in a day.

Nothing wrong with that in my opinion, but LA stylist Cliff Hoppus, who has worked with everyone from the contestants on American Idol to film star Rachel McAdams, says: "LA style is all about being low key. It's not about showing you have money or class, it's about making the point that you are so comfortable in yourself that you can wear whatever you want. Real LA people know how to dress down."

"Maybe when she moves here, she'll hire an LA stylist who can help her realise she is really not getting it here," says Cliff.

Jealous bitches. I don't want to see Victoria become a tee shirt wearing, flip flop LA clone. Then she would just be ordinary and who wants ordinary?



Emma said...

As long as she is comfortable wearing what she does, then that is all that matters. And yes, they are just jealous that they don't have style like Victoria. Money doesn't buy class.

Having said that, if she is ever uncomfortable wearing tight clothes all the time, it is perfectly exceptable to wear looser, perhaps less fashionable clothing. Whatever will make her happy.

stephanie said...

I'm getting used to her being criticised for everything she does. Before you know it they'll start criticising her for walking and breathing...just wait for it

Isn't it in LA where anything goes? Pamela Anderson and all the other hoes are allowed to walk around and do their thing so why cant Posh wear whatever the hell she wants to? Bloody morons!!!

Fashion Critic said...


brit said...

thats coz they're all underdressed lol. agree with all the above

Emma said...

clothes aren't the thing to worry about now in LA. These days it is becoming notorious for the big stars to do drugs. If anyone offers Victoria something I'll beat them up!!!! rawr!

thinista said...

Someone should let them know LA is not the centre of the universe - Just keep doing what you're doing Posh....the yanks will get it eventually