Monday, 25 June 2007

LA Hates Victoria's Dress Sense But New York Loves Her

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While LA is bashing Victoria Beckham's dress sense, New York Magazine is praising it.

The Fug Girls are more excited about Victoria's arrival to the US than David's. They like me/us 'get' Victoria Beckham.

They say:

Why name your child Robert when you can go with Romeo?

Why be demure on the red carpet — or anywhere? — when you can affect Naomi-levels of fierceness?

And why quietly change your hairstyle when you can instead loudly claim that wild sex with your hot husband caused your extensions to rip loose?

Why indeed?

Read the full article from the New York Magazine here.


brit said...

lol lv their quotes, so true, ud grab every chance to boast about ur wild sex if ur hubby is david beckham. tbh i dont really get people who slate her, if u see her in interveiws then i dont understand how u cant like her. Wel NY is where carrie bradshaw came from, how can u argue with that.

emma said...

Victoria's picture in the full length article is great! Her hair looks perfect!

stephanie said...

The only thing i can say is...WOW!!!

Samuel Lippke said...

Victoria looks stunning in this zebra print dress. Both David and Vicky are fashion icons... I dont know why she gets soo much heat for the way she dresses... keep it up Victoria!