Thursday, 7 June 2007

Case For The Defence

On my other blog Red Carpet Style Awards I pride myself on spotting clothes celebrities are wearing, so when I saw Victoria's black corset she wore to the Glamour Awards I knew instantly it was Roberto Cavalli.

The following day while watching GMTV I saw an interview with Victoria and she claimed she was wearing Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld.

I then issue a public apology to Karl Lagerfeld for getting it so wrong, but in the back of my mind I am still convinced it is Cavalli, but as it comes from Victoria's mouth so I choose to believe her and drop the subject.

Then Electra sends me some photos of close up of the Cavalli model and Scarlett Johansson wearing said corset from last months Vogue US and here are the results.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now I think the case is clear that the corset IS Cavalli, as the detail in both the front and the back both prove it, but the puzzling thing is:

1. Why did she say it was Chanel?
2. Why has Cavalli not disputed this?
3. Has she fallen out with Cavalli?

Source & Electra - thanks


Anonymous said...

this is the blurry back shot from

it's so a cavalli!!

stephanie said...

maybe only the corset is Roberto Cavalli's and the rest are Chanel...or maybe she misunderstood the question...the gloves are defo Chanel though

Fashion Critic said...

The question was clear which was What are you wearing? she answered Chanel by Karl Largerfeld.

electra said...

I still don't understand why she said that, i just hope she won't get in trouble with Roberto Cavalli.

I guess everything else (apart from the shoes and corset) is by Chanel (mini-jacket, gloves and those mini shorts beneath the corset).

Anonymous said...

Haha, I just kind of see Karl being a bitchy school girl, who dressed Victoria up, told her how fabulous she looked in his clothes, and sent her out to the pack of wolves that are the press, with her telling them it's all Chanel. And he's back at home laughing.

Anonymous said...

Cavalli model = Jessica Stam (one of the most sought after and highest paid models today, love her)

Anonymous said...

will someone pleaseeeee tell me where i can find pantyhose exactly like hers!!!! ive been searching for farrrr to long now.. please help!

mileidy said...

leg avenue hass a cheap repro