Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Ugly Victoria

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Meeting Eric Mabius at the 'Glamour Awards' was not a complete waste of time as Victoria Beckham is set to star in an episode of 'Ugly Betty'. She is being lined up to play herself in an episode of the hit US show.

Actor Eric Mabius, who plays fashion magazine Mode's editor-in-chief Daniel Meade in the series, let slip that bosses have made initial steps to secure Victoria for a cameo role.

He said: "Victoria is keen and so are we. We can see her fitting in as a cameo now she is about to be big in the US."

As we all know Victoria is desperate to be a huge success in the US and is hoping her appearance on the show will help raise her profile. Ugly Betty is my favourite show so I can not wait to see her in it.



stephanie said...

I'm not sure how this is meant to enable people take her more seriously...because it doesn't work in my head and i'm not excited about this either...we'll see what happens as time goes by

Fashion Critic said...

Cameo's can be tacky at times but as a fashionista at a fashion magazine it could be quite interesting but as you say it could be really bad.

brit said...

o wicked, i cant wait to see it even if it tacky, ugly bettys a good show and they've had a few famous faces on there that hasnt been bad so i hope it will be the same case for victoria