Tuesday, 19 June 2007

In Victoria's Closet - Burberry

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Today we saw Victoria debut a new bag, which for me was a relief as I had grown very tired of the black Hermes bag and the Jimmy Choo clutch before that.

This bag is a Metallic python Burberry Beaton bag from the Spring 2007 collection. It retails at an astonishing £3,400, €5,100 or $6,840, but it is worth every penny as it is BEAUTIFUL.

Expect this bag to sell out very soon.



Emma said...

That's gorgeous!!!!! But I will never get tired of the Hermes bag. This bag though is seriously a headturner. I could look at for hours! :)

Fashion Critic said...

It is..unfortunately this is the only picture on the web. I am sure more will be available soon now she has shown the world it exists.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you emma... the Hermes bag is absolutly gorgeous!!!
I love it!!

brit said...

In the first pic it looks like a treasure trove. I wish i had victoria's money