Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Just Fly The Plane

You have had a hard year, travelling, playing football, pimping the Beckham brand etc etc, then you are going on holiday and expect to relax on your private jet until two annoying members of the plane crew insist on having their photo taken with you.

You can see that Victoria is non too pleased.



stephanie said...

She looks really tired. And it seems to me that David has dyed his hair blonde again. Well lets hope that now they're moving to the US, she would spend less time travelling so she can be with the family...hopefully this would reduce the criticism on her...but then don't they always hate on her?

emma said...

Victoria and David look so tired.

Fashion Critic said...

If the Spice Girls World tour is going to happen soon she will be travelling even more.

David will also be travelling a lot as he plays teams across America.

They will spend less time together which is why I am dead against this move.

stephanie said...

Well, lets pray that no devils in the form of divorce papers or Rebecca Loos-esque rear their ugly heads, especially as LA is known for sexy maneaters and divorce....because i'll be hear waiting to assasinate, whatever they choose to do i hope they stay strong...actually i pray not hope

krisha said...

i think it is really nice that they took the time to have photos with the plane crew. I don't think victoria is unpleased with taking her photo with them, i think she is just really tired.

I know that if i was on the plane i would have asked to take a photo with them as well.