Friday, 29 June 2007

Christopher Kane Disses Posh

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Hands up who had heard of Christopher Kane prior to Victoria Beckham wearing his designs? Na me neither.

What an ungrateful prick (excuse my language). Victoria is a fashionista, a fashion icon but Christopher Kane begs to differ.

The designer spoke recently at his dismay of seeing Victoria wearing one of his designs: "I couldn't do anything about it, to be honest. She wanted to borrow something, but I said no, so she went out and bought it. I've got nothing against her, but she's not the woman I imagine wearing my dresses. I think more of women like Carine Roitfeld because she's sexy and intelligent. Posh Spice doesn't even get a look-in.

I don't want to sound presumptuous but I've worked too hard for my stuff to be seen on the front of the Sun newspaper,"
Meow Mr Kane.

Kane does have a soft spot for another celeb, Kylie Minogue. She has been supporting him since he graduated from Central St Martins and he said of the pop princess: "Kylie's great, a proper businesswoman and really smart." So is Posh you idiot.

In my opinion he has based his designs very loosely on the superior talent of Hervé Léger which Victoria is now wearing in preference these days.

Don't you think that it is strange that he is only speaking up now? She wore that dress back in March. I guess because she is no longer endorsing his disgusting designs he is feeling bitter.



Brown Sugar said...

For some reason i'm not suprised....apparently Tom Ford's dissed her as is this Tabloid gist or did he actually say it? If he did, then he's a punk cause i didn't know about him till she wore that dress....and i hated the dress btw...Since when did she start wearing Herve Leger

Anonymous said...

I thought he might say something like that. He likes to have control over who wears his designs. Someone wrote on thefashionspot that he gave her his spring line, but i thought that was weird, he's KNOWN for wanting only a certain 'type' to get into his clothes.

lilflowa said...

what a loser! uhhh!! his designs are ugly and ultra ridiculous anyway!! he's lucky posh even CONSIDERED wearing such a mess......she lucky she can pull anything off

Anonymous said...

That's harsh to say about him. He's ultra high fashion. His designs aren't made for fancy dinners, but for editorials, and runway shows.

Fashion is a complex industry, and honestly if you only heard about Kane until Victoria wore the design, you're probably not that into fashion.

And if you took a look at his fall runway you'd notice he went away from "neon meets fetish" the line that featured that red dress, and into dark leathers and velvets.

And also, Herve Leger and Kane's Spring collection are ALL throw backs to ALAIA: "KING OF CLING"

brit said...

so wat is his surposed type? he sounds like a pretty big twat to me, fact- people buy clothes that victoria wears, fact- he really should get his facts straight before he starts deciding who works hard and who does not. seriously ive herd alot of people say that victoria dos'nt work hard, where do they get this info from, hello she worked her arse off being a spice girl, designer, had her own shows, charity worker and a mum.... enough said, i think so.

Fashion Critic said...

Dear Anon,

I had heard his name before as I know he worked with Donatella before he made it big on his own.

But I was only truly - like most people - aware of his designs when Victoria wore that red dress.

I write about fashion but I am by no means an expert and I never claim to be.

My views are my views and my view is that his comments were just unnecessary. If he felt that strongly he should not have even mentioned her name, but it is all about publicity which he is claiming he does not seek but by dissing Victoria he obviously is seeking the attention.

Why did he choose to just be positive and just talk about Kylie? Because that would be boring and not controversial and no one would have taken notice.

I know a lot of designers don't want Posh to wear their clothes for the very same reasons he mentions but you don't hear them dissing her they obviously have more dignity.

Fashion PR's apparently HATE Posh wearing their clothes see this article

I appreciate your comment but Christopher Kane has only had 2 shows so not EVERYONE is aware of him.

It is people LIKE Victoria who let those of us who don't spend all our money on heavily advertised magazines like Vogue find out who the next big thing is so I would not go getting excited and telling people that they are not into fashion.

I never went to fashion school and I call myself a CRITIC NOT an EXPERT please be clear on that.

His designs are disgusting anyway and I have said it before. My opinion not fact.

Fashion Critic x

Brown Sugar said...

OH MY GOD!!! I've just read the article on the link you posted Fashion Critic. Now i have to say that article is just ICE COLD! I wonder if Posh read the article and if she did i wonder how she felt...Irrespective of whether it is true or not i don't think anyone should be spoken about like that. I swear i'd like to know how she survives all the criticism she gets because if it was me i'd probably kill myself. I say they just LEAVE the poor lady alone as no one actually knows her in person.

Fashion Critic said...

She has said in the past that if she was to read all the criticism she would have killed herself by now. She just ignores it and just gets on with being herself unapologetically and I love her for that.

I criticize her too, so I am not completely innocent.

brit said...

uh, people really are nasty bits of work, fact is the women who wrote that article in the daily mail could have kept quiet but again its to shock and fill blank spaces for papers. i think its a misconception when people say victoria trys too hard, she wants to b a designer and has all the money in the world to get all these clothes, so y not splash out and have a bit of fun with it. she dosnt always get it right but who does? what ever she does be it good or bad they find some way to criticise her. god im really sick of people slating her not from a fans perspective but from a i cant belive people actually get away with treating a person like this, id would lv to see how these critics would take all her flack. i think this makes victoria all the more of a fab role model and hero for me because she dosnt let them bring her down, love her!

electra said...

that was one of the worst outfits she ever wore.

and who cares about british designers anyway?

if Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Jean Paul Gaultier say she's cool, then she's cool.

Brown Sugar said...

I totally agree with you electra...and where have you been? i've missed

Lilflowa said...

is it me or is it some sort of prejudice that only certain types he prefers to wear his designs?

so what he sayin... he wont sell to people he deems not worthy or the right body shape? what a load of nonesense.....yes he may be know in the fashion world but for people like me and the majority of us ordinary folk who does not follow fashion intensley...i only heard his name when victoria wore his dress..............

ungratefulll muchhh??? If Kylie wore it no 1 is exactly gonna kick up a fuss!!

And why is he name dropping? he has no decency about him

Major-giggles said...

This is a case of what vicky wants she gets, classic example of a rich bitch.

Master Cutter said...

I know Kane personally and he is not vindictive nor does he have anything against Beckham. Try to see it from a young designer's point of view: you're struggling to make ends meet and pay bills and send out a stellar collection (by the way, he was getting a tremendous amount of press in the US from Vogue's Editor in Chief Anna Wintour AND in the UK from Suzy Menkins and Sarah Mower, all before Beckham discovered him) and a celebrity who has MORE THAN ENOUGH money to buy ONE dress, comes to you and asks for it for FREE?

Is that cheeky, or just plain sad?

Latex Fetish said...

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DVB said...

you are welcome