Friday, 29 June 2007

David Beckham & Kate Moss To Become God Parents

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Actress Davinia Taylor (best friend of Kate Moss) and sports agent Dave Gardner (best friend of David Beckham) had a baby girl Grey on Tuesday.

So when you have high profile best mates it makes choosing god parents easy.

David as a god parent is a good choice, but a cocaine taking model, with a boyfriend who is also known and quite happily admits to taking drugs...not so good.

To be a god parent you need to have morals. I don't think Kate has any.

According to reports, Davinia and Dave "knew as soon as Davinia was pregnant who they wanted for godparents." David, who knows Dave from his days at Manchester United and who was best man at the couple's wedding, will meet the baby on Sunday; Kate visited Davinia in the hospital Wednesday afternoon.



Brown Sugar said...

I never did understand the appeal of Kate Moss AT ALL!

brit said...

i think its pretty big name dropping, like o my childs godparents are two of the most famous british people of today, pretty kl to say but i dont really think its the point of being a godparent. thats a damn gorgeous picture of david tho

Fashion Critic said...

I have never understood Kate Moss. I was only briefly excited about her fashion range and that turned out to be a disaster.

Davina Taylor is a faded Actress so no longer has any claim to fame apart from this.

Lilflowa said...

hmm they look eerily good together....mayb its the black and white photos.........**ahhh erasing thought right now**