Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Sorry Karl

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In my excitement of reporting what Victoria wore last night, I am not so proud to say I got it wrong.

Victoria was in fact dressed head-to-toe in Chanel and it was designed by Karl Lagerfeld. (I am still convinced that the corset is Cavalli)

When Victoria was asked about becoming a lady she said to the Sun “Who cares if I’m not posh enough. All I care about is that Karl Lagerfeld said I’m cool — and he’s the man.”

Here are the sequinned hots pants she wore from Chanel's Spring 2007 collection.

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Anonymous said...

She looks like a slut!!! what's happening with her??? she was dressed like a porno star!!
i am really dispointed by her...

stephanie said...

ahhh....has she dumped Roberto Cavalli and moved on to a better man? This is almost like DOlce & Gabbana all over