Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The Queen Of Fashion Meets The Queen Of Gossip

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Meeting someone like Perez Hilton, even though he has been a meany to Posh in the past, is very important for Victoria. If she can get him onside and get him to write nice stuff about her then this is a bonus.


thinista said...

Guess Perez would be a 'must' for her to meet - considering his billions of readers - the last time I clicked his website it was during the Paris-gaol furore and he had two and a half THOUSAND comments on one post alone......ah dreams

brit said...

yea i read an interview with him talking about posh, hes such a bitch! lol but yea if victoira cant win him over with her wit hes not worth it. am i becoming a victoria natzi?

thinista said...

He did say that 'Perez' is just a character and I do believe him. I don't understand why he is so hated by other bloggers? What am I missing?

What's wrong with being a Victoria nazi? (better than a german nazi LOL)

brit said...

lolol agreed