Sunday, 3 June 2007

Victoria Arrives In LA For MTV Movie Awards

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After the excitement of David playing for England again Victoria was off to LA for her appearance at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. She will barely have time to see her new home, as she has to be back in the UK by Tuesday evening to be guest of honour at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards in London and also this week she will be a judge at Graduate Fashion Week.

Phew! what a busy week for Mrs Beckham.

She arrived in LAX yesterday with her trusty Hermes bag wearing all black and a visible bra with no nipple or petals exposures.

I can not wait to see what she wears tonight. Roberto Cavalli no doubt or could it be Chanel?

During her stay in LA she will be staying at the Mondrian Hotel, very Posh.

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Anonymous said...

Victoria looks gorgeous...she needs to give some tips to her female bodyguard on wearing makeup though....and yes i cannot wait to see what she's going to wear, it had better be OFF DA HOOK!!!

stephanie said...

here's me hoping that she doesn't wear Roberto Cavalli....she should wear Chanel or D&G....and if she does i'll just die of excitement...she had better look good as i'm sacrificing my sleep to see pictures, i'm so so nervous....and i hope that she doesn't get booed by the crowd there as there seems to be a lot of negative comments about her esp in places like justjared...and they've already started digging into her because she doesn't have the yellow stupid.....anyway fashion critic i know you're gonna make my day so i'm waiting patiently

Fashion Critic said...

Stephanie, I am equally if not more excited. I agree on her not wearing Cavalli for 2 reasons

1..Cavalli has been done to death this season. His 2007 Spring collection has been worn by everyone including Jessica Simpson eek

2..She needs a new red carpet image to go with her new hair cut.