Friday, 8 June 2007

Super Woman

Victoria Beckham has been around the world wowing us all with her amazing outfits, but she still has time to take her kids to school. Here she is back in Madrid with her boys.

What an amazing woman. I would have been a home sleeping off my jet lag but Posh has her priorities right.

These green jeans are very similar to the Electric Blue she wore in London a few weeks back but they are Rich & Skinny Jeans.

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brit said...

very victoria, i cant get over how old the boys are. is this the kids new skool in LA?

Fashion Critic said...

No she is back in Madrid.

I need to add that to the post. Thanks

stephanie said...

yay...finally another colour of jeans...loving the look but honey please get rid of that bloody hat....rumours have been going round that she was seen leaving J.Lo's hotel, do you know anything bout it fashion critic?

electra said...

Yes she and David were leaving the hotel where Marc and Jennifer stayed.

Marc Anthony had a concert on Friday in Madrid, David definately didn't attend as he was on his way to Zaragoza, but Victoria might have attended. No pix yet though.