Sunday, 24 June 2007

Professor Beckham

David Beckham has said previously in interviews that he is often baffled by his son's homework, but despite that and failing all his GCSE's, David is set to lecture at a University.

When David arrives in LA next month he will be bombarded with invitations. But the most unlikely and prestigious will come from the University of Southern California (USC). The 127-year-old university is keen to offer the city’s latest celebrity a platform from which to explain to its students how "soccer" can change the world. According to sources close to Beckham, he is keen to join the debate.

"David Beckham is already part of the masters course taught here, as an example of the influence of athletes, so I am hoping that he will be able to address us at that seminar," said a professor last week.

"People who don’t follow football don’t appreciate what a globally significant figure Beckham is even now with his career in transition."

In the past David has admitted he is more fluent on the field than in public speaking. He once joked: "I don’t do the talking thing very good sometimes."

I love his voice, he is so cute, humble and bashful when he speaks and that only makes him more endearing.



Emma said...

Is the GSCE's like the SAT's here? Did he really fail everything? :(

That would be a great inspiration to the students if he could speak to them! Lucky them. :)

brit said...

aww david is proberly so insecure about how he speaks now lol, who cares his body more than makes up for it.