Sunday, 17 June 2007

Posh Talks To ExtraTV About Her Celebrity Friends & Family

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On whether the rumors she tested her jeans on friend Jennifer Lopez are true, she says, "I didn’t test my jeans on J Lo. She’s a friend… she’s supported my sunglass line… and she likes them, same as Katie."

About inspiring Katie Holmes’ new haircut, Beckham comments, "I don’t know… I inspire my friends… my friends inspire me. She’s so strong-minded… she has a great sense of style… I think she looks wonderful."

Beckham’s secret to staying in shape, she says, "They [kids] stand me in goal and all three of them kick footballs at me…David too… I dive from left to right and that’s kind of about it as far as my fitness regime."

See the whole interview HERE.

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brit said...

lv her down to earthness as always, never tyer of seeing the real victoria, thats when i lv her the most, and the big cheeky grin!