Monday, 11 June 2007

Victoria Makes Promise To Tom Ford

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Victoria Beckham has promised designer Tom Ford she will keep her unique fashion sense when she moves to Los Angeles next month.

The Former Gucci designer Ford is good friends with Victoria and was concerned she would drop her own style in favour of a laid-back, hippy L.A. look.

She says, "I was talking to Tom recently about my move and he said, 'Just promise me you’re not going to change the way you dress.' "So when I go out looking like a 1940s headmistress, they might look at me as I’m odd."

Victoria was first told off by Tom Ford as she was about to change on an 11 hour flight.

I would only agree to this promise if he gave me his ENTIRE collection for free.


1 comment:

stephanie said...

Haha...i agree with you fashion critic...i thought he once hated her and said he didn't want her to wear her clothes??? well thats the impression i got from reading fashion babylon