Monday, 4 June 2007

Cameron Diaz And Posh Wear The Same Shoes

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Victoria spent hours - no doubt - picking out her wardrobe. Every detail including her bra being visible, to prove she DOES wear them was thought out and calculated. Victoria Beckham was confident that no-one else would steal her thunder.

Unfortunately, Cameron Diaz had the same idea.

So while the two women wore very different dresses they did opt for identical, £350 designer high heels.

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Silver and shiny there was no mistaking the heel's red undersole - the Christian Louboutin signature print.

What a fashion faux pa...heads at Christian Louboutin will roll.

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stephanie said...

if you ask me i'd say it sort of looks better on posh if you're just looking at the feet....but for the whole package its definately cameron......i have to say that after the initial shock of victoria's dress it's beginning to grow on me for some reason as its just mtv, but she had better make up for this rubbish during the glamour awards as i havent gone to bed yet because i was up all night looking at pics and then had to go write exams.....phew!

thinista said...

I like the way her hair is evolving