Monday, 11 June 2007

Real Madrid Try To Buy Out David Beckham's LA Galaxy Contract

Too little, too late. They had the chance to keep David but Real dragged their heels.

BBC Sport are reporting that Real Madrid have had a bid to buy David Beckham out of his LA Galaxy contract rejected by the MLS club.

Real approached Davids advisors and LA Galaxy with their offer but were told "politely but firmly" that Beckham would not change his mind.

The Spanish giants were told Beckham's contract did not have a get-out clause, which they believe existed.

"Nothing has changed. We can't wait for Beckham to get here," said LA Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas.


brit said...

lol thats kinda stupid, its public knowledge they have brought a house and got skools for the kids in America now. like u said too little way too l8. o well least hes playing for his country still, yay.

stephanie said...

how morose of them