Friday, 29 June 2007

Who's Outfit Did You Like Best?

It was great to see the girls back together yesterday, but I am curious to know who you think wore the best outfit.

I have my personal favourite, but what is yours?


electra said...

Both Melanies looked the best, but i voted for Melanie C as she was simply glowing, even though she wore that outfit few weeks ago on Schlag den Raab.

Geri looks really old and pale, she should get some tan and her dress ruined every single picture, not to mention her hair. Awfull.

brit said...

im not really sure tbh, i was alittle disapointed they were all basically wearing black, not v spice girlish. i need victoira to show her big gorgeous smile too!

Emma said...

1) Victoria
2) Mel C
3) Mel B
4) Emma
5) Geri

I am really not liking Geri's dress or shoes. :(

Brown Sugar said...

I voted Melanie C because she looked most comfortable in my opinion. Emma was glowing as well while the other 3 girls all looked constipated like they were scared of something. Someone please get Geri a stylist, i mean after all these years of knowing Victoria couldn't she at least pick up some style tips? I thought Victoria's outfit was very inappropriate as i knew it would draw attention away from the purpose of their meeting and it my opinion it led to bad publicity, but hey....I STILL LOVE YOU VICTORIA

electra said...

I think Geri looked very old, the hair, the dress, everything made her look old.

Fashion Critic said...

I agree with Melanie C. She looked the most at ease and comfortable and it suited her sense of style.

Posh was a little OTT with the boobs as it took too much focus of the event.

Geri. Well I don't know what was going on there.

Mel B and Emma were perfectly dressed.

lilflowa said...

I voted Mel C because hers is the most stylish although Posh does look fierce....its a bit much

Erm Geri what happened?