Monday, 18 June 2007

'That Extra Half An Inch' Sexed Up

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Victoria Beckham's style bible 'That Extra Half An Inch' her best-selling book, will be updated and released in paperback for its second edition, the Sun reports.

It is very different to the first hardback cover were she was very cutesy and girly. Here she is a sexy temptress.

So what's been changed, you ask? Other than selling more copies?

Posh wrote: "In the last edition I said I was wary of tops with horizontal stripes. One of my mother's style rules was never to wear horizontal stripes and that always stayed with me - until recently.

"Sorry, Mum, I just had to break a few rules here and there. I have found that a slinky striped sweater dress or fitted T can actually look very stylish."

But VB isn't breaking all the rules...

She continued: "My mum's other style tip, incidentally, is don't eat beetroot because it stains - and I have never to this day."

I love beetroot. I am wondering if me and Posh could ever be friends :)

The paperback version is due to hit stores this September.

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stephanie said...

i'm looking forward to the paperback edition...i just hope this ain't the cover cause me no likey

Emma said...

hmmm... I'm not really liking the cover either. Is it supposed to be a short dress or a long sweater? I can't tell. And her eye makeup is a little heavy. But I do like her heels. :)

I am looking foward to it though.

Fashion Critic said...

I like it because it not what people expect from her.

I think it is a long sweater as you can just see her panties underneath.

Yes the heels are always