Wednesday, 27 June 2007

£250,000 For A Walk-In Closet?

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It has been reported by In Touch Magazine that Victoria Beckham has purchase a high tech, computer generated walk-in closet for £250,000.

It supposedly features a leather floor, Baccarat crystal chandelier, £400,000 Andy Warhol shoe print, a computer that tracks when she wears items of clothing and a camera to give her a 360-degree "cat scan" of her outfit before she steps out.

Victoria's publicist tonight was adamant that the US reports had been wildly exaggerated, and that although they had had new closets installed, they were simply "bog standard" without any computer wizardry.

Some journalists just get so carried away. She could just employ someone like me to remind her what she has worn before for less than £250,000.



stephanie said...

This is totally ridiculous bullshit...and the worst part is people would believe it...and then this would increase all the hating on poor Victoria.

Fashion Critic said...

I totally agree with you.

brit said...

i agree stephanie, but it would b pretty kl to have that kind of closet, i wish