Friday, 20 October 2006

Posh to make her own Jeans

Story from Sunday's Mirror below:

Victoria Beckham has split with trendy designers Rock and Republic - to go it alone with her own jeans firm.

The Californian-based firm signed a £250,000 deal with Posh in September 2004 but will no longer produce the former Spice Girl's VB range.

Instead Victoria, 32, will launch her own range of jeans under her and 31-year-old husband David's VDB label - the new cornerstone of Brand Beckham - early next year.

Last night a fashion source said: "Rock and Republic gave Victoria her big break in the fashion business. They also provided the financial safety net when she launched the range. But Victoria's jeans are hugely popular. So now she's decided to get rid of the middle man and produce her own range."

Victoria and Rock and Republic - owned by designer Michael Ball - were planning to announce their split in January once stocks had sold out. But a company spokeswoman in Los Angeles confirmed: "It is true that Rock and Republic are no longer with Victoria Beckham. We stopped working with her in September."

A source said: "They believe R&R are an internationally-recognised brand and they don't need Victoria. She helped them shift a lot of jeans but they're happy to part company."

Victoria is set to sign a deal with family-run Canadian firm Western Glove Works Ltd to make her jeans. We revealed in June how she took a break from the World Cup and flew 8,000 miles to visit the firm, which is based in Winnipeg. A source revealed: "Victoria was hugely impressed with the set-up."

VDB has had huge success with sunglasses and the Intimately Beckham perfume. Victoria's also likely to go it alone with her handbags."

Now I love VickyB as you all know but I never tried on let alone purchased her jeans as Rock Republic and I will not buy them under the VDB (Victoria David Beckham) is just too cheesy for words.

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