Tuesday, 29 January 2008

David Beckham To Build A Training Centre In Brazil

This is so adorable.

David Beckham is wearing his wife's Marc Jacobs charity t-shirt. You can't get much cutier than that.

I also notice that he is sporting new tattoos. Seriously, how many does one person need?

David is currently in Brazil. These photos were taken of him today as he was leaving his hotel in Natal, northeast of Brazil.

Why is he in Brazil?

David will open in Brazil the first "David Beckham World of Sport" a professional sports complex designed and planned with his input.

David said in a press conference in Brazil that he does not intend to teach Brazilians - who have won a record five editions of the World Cup - the sport. He only wants to develop the sport in the South American country.

"I am happy Brazilian children will benefit from access to the top class facilities and coaching at this resort," Beckham said.

The project is to be financed by the Norwegian group Brasil Development. A luxury resort is to be built at the beach Cabo de Sao Roque, in the town of Barra de Maxaraguape, some 50 kilometres from Natal.

It will include Beckham's World of Sport, featuring eight football pitches and a stadium to fit 10,000 spectators. The facilities will include a football academy that local children will be able to attend.

David who already has academies in London and Los Angeles.

Brazilian Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello is also expected to take part in the project in his native country, with the Rubens Barrichello Driving Experience.

It is so great when people give back.

You can watch David's press conference with Sky News here

Update: Here is another video of David Beckham showing off his fancy footwork (topless) on a beach in Brazil.

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Amber said...

I LOVE how supportive he is of her!

brit said...

im in love with him, every week it seem he does somthing amazing, im really proud of him as a english person, hes very inspirational.

LizaKissez said...

OMG that is soooo cute! i just love how he supports her and does not care what others say. I love them!!

kinhaa said...

F***, I'm Brazilian and i can't see him....God, he's soo sweet *-*

emma said...

What a great guy. I'm sure a lot of DB will now get the shirt because of him too.

Any ideas what the tattoo is about?

peach said...

He's very cute about Victoria, no doubt. Enough with all the tattoos already, it looks so low dem.

Anonymous said...

wow that is super cute. i really want the shirt but i think 35 bucks for a t-shirt is so expensive.

BK said...

35$ aint too expensive is marc jacobs and believe me 35 woths it this t shirt..does anybody know where can i get this t shirt in spain or in MIami or any website? thank uuu