Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Meet Victoria Beckham In Saks Fifth Avenue, Boston

You Americans will be lucky enough to get a second chance to meet Victoria Beckham and view her dVb denim and sunglass collection at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston.

She will be making a special appearance for 1 hour - from 12noon to 1pm - on Wednesday 30 January.

On One
Saks Fifth Avenue
Prudential Center
Boston, MA 02199

For inquiries please call 617.937.5383

Back in June last year she appeared at the New York store which saw many people queuing for hours to meet Victoria.

You can find out more information about it on the events website.

If any of you go, please share your story with us.

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kg said...

I'm deff going to the event so I'll do a lil write up for you and hopefully I'll have pictures! Not gonna lie kinda freaked out about meeting takes 'what should I wear' to a whole new level haha

Fashion Critic said...

KG...oh my god, you are so lucky. I am so excited for you.

She is only there for an hour so get there early.

I really hope you get to meet her.

Fingers crossed xxxxx