Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Becks On The Beach

Yesterday I showed you a video of David Beckham showing off his ball skills (topless) on a beach in Brazil. If you could not view that video try this one from CNN.

You may have noticed that there was a photographer capturing the moment.

Well here it is.

Damn it is so hot in Brazil, but I am not loving the new tattoo. Soon both his arms will be covered.



electra said...

He's way too skinny for a man, and those tatoos are awfull.

Amber said...

I don't think he's too skinny at all.

Anonymous said...

I think elektra's comments "He's way too skinny for a man" are stupid and tinged with malice and spite. Is this a fan blog for David Beckham?

electra said...

Anonymous maybe you should introduce yourself?
I am a fan, that doesn't mean i can't say i hate his tatoos or that he looks skinny. It's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I do not need to introduce myself. My post was approved by the moderator for a reason and he/she chose to publish my comments after stating "Anonymous posts will no longer be published."

How could elektra even call her/himself a fan when David is a professional ├Ąthlete and knows his body. He has been following a supervised fitness and training regime for the past month at Arsenal in order to make himself available for England duty.

I do not wish at all to continue a dialogue but I stand by what I have said. elektra should read again what he/she wrote and judge him/herself.