Thursday, 31 January 2008

Has David Beckham Returned To The US?

The Daily Mail is reporting that David Beckham has pull out of his scheduled charity arrangement this evening to return to the US.

If true, David has left his fans and the charity disappointed. Reports say he pulled out last minute - with no explanation - as he headed back to the US to be with Victoria.

This act of flying off to be with his wife is similar to when he was sent off against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup in France. The Spice Girls were touring America and when England went out he was blamed so he flew to meet Victoria. When he faces disappointment, he only wants to be with his loving wife. ♥

David was set to replace Thierry Henry at the "Liv" charity event when the Barcelona player could no longer attend after Barcelona's Copa del Rey match has been moved to tonight.

Like I said, I am not sure if this is true, but looking at the pictures from the picture agencies of this event, David is not in any of them.

Maybe he is just avoiding the press, maybe the story is true, who knows right now.

Spokesman for the event Shervin Behzad said: "David was definitely expected to attend this evening.

"But we just got a phonecall to say he was on a plane back to America and we were left without any explanation."

This seem conclusive, but you can not trust the British press. I will check reports again in the morning.

I would not blame him is he just left. He must be crushed for not being included in the squad, especially after all the effort he has put in over the last few months to keep himself fit.

Again Capello is an A**hole.



electra said...

I'm sure he was pissed off by the fact he wasn't selected for the match, and i'm sure he wouldn't even fly from Brazil back to London if he knew he wouldn't be selected, he would fly to Boston.

He was so sure he would be picked up, he was very positive in all of his recent interviews.
I've never felt more sorry for him.
He deserves those 100 matches, i still can't believe it, it's only a friendly match for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

he was called back for preseason taining by the LAG when they found out that he was not included in the squad. the statement is in this article/:


Anonymous said...

I don't think David was in the audience at the tour stop in Montreal, if wea assumme he flew back to N. America to be by Victoria's side. I just got back from the concert, and i could spot the Spice kids; Phoenix Chi, Brooklyn,Romeo and Mel B's husband Steffen Belafonte holding little Angel Iris fathered by Eddie Murphy. But who knows, beckham likes to pass incognito in the crowd when he watches the Spice Girl perform.

mia said...

I'm so sorry for him.

Capello is really an A******.

Amy said...

Personally, I think it'd be better for him to get his 100 cap in a game that meant something... not just a random friendly.