Sunday, 13 January 2008

Jack Nicholson Re-nicknames Victoria Beckham 'the Poshster'

Victoria Beckham styled Jack Nicholson last year for his Parade magazine shoot.

He recently spoken of his admiration for Victoria Beckham after the pair struck up a friendship.

Nicholson said 'the Poshster' was "charming" and "lovely".

The 70-year-old actor added cheekily: "She feels very good too. She's a very firm person, you know. She's in good shape."

He said he loved the photoshoot and went on: "I loved working with the Poshster! And she was charming to me - dressed me up nice. I like to look good so I felt in good hands under her umbrella. A lovely gal."

Poshter? I hope that nickname does not stick.


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Anonymous said...

Hmm...Poshster? Not too sure about that name but it does sound funny. I guess it's time for the name to be recycled ey.