Friday, 4 January 2008

Spice Girls To Extend Tour?

The Spice Girls have been offered an extra £2 million each, if they sign up to extend their comeback tour to include Australia.

Their greatest hits album has proved such a huge success down under, that promoters are now begging them to add 12 Australian dates to the end of their tour, for shows in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Speaking to The Sun, a source says, 'The girls have a massive fan base in Australia and a huge amount of cash is being thrown at them to get them to perform there.'

The Spices are currently half way through a run of seventeen shows at London's O2 Arena. The last date of the tour is currently scheduled for 26 February, where it was due to finish in Toronto.



electra said...

They will definately do a show in Sydney, as it is announced and the e-mails have been sent that the date will soon be confirmed.

Anonymous said...

The tour was never going to finish in Toronto, if it was the case they would've said so. On the official website, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Beijing etc are still on the tour map, so we have to assume they are still going there. I don't think Sydney was ever NOT on the cards, but with the success of the Greatest Hits there they will probably do more dates than planned.

Anonymous said...

i hope the spice girls have an extended tour of australia. my only one concern is that the extra dates dont include melbourne... and i wont get to see them if they dont come to melbourne =(